Camp KBY Demonstration Garden

Our Garden

Camp Kum-Ba-Yahs’ Garden and Environmental Education Program teaches children about healthy eating, healthy life choices, and environmental awareness. Our Garden Program connects with campers through environmental education lessons and activities. This program also instills unique garden lessons that teach children how to grow and harvest food. These lessons are further reinforced by camp lunches & snacks that are grown in our garden as much as possible. These meals and snacks allow our campers to learn about nutrition and where food comes from, as well as how lifestyle choices affect our health and the environment. Currently the garden is 10,000 square feet and provides May to late August produce.We are in process of installing a hybrid PVC gutter garden for water conservation. This summer we will show how to use recycled items in the garden. We are taking old donated kiddie pools to use with grow bags for another option of low water and small space gardening. We will be starting worm bins for their castings to use as an organic fertilizer. This fall we will have a small aqua-ponics feature to show another way of gardening.  Randolph College will be planting native apple trees and holding workshops on cloning fruit trees. We will have a small nursery of  native apple saplings. We are in the process of installing hoop houses and by fall, utilizing cold frame gardening to extend our growing season.
If you would like to volunteer for our gardens please fill out the Volunteer Application