September 24 - 29, 2018

Take A Child Outside (TACO) is a national program designed to encourage children and adults to spend time together outdoors. At Camp Kum-Ba-Yah we will support this effort by offering free programming for children - all ages welcome - September 24-29. Our 45 acres of forest located in the heart of Lynchburg makes it easy for families to disconnect from their daily buzz and reconnect with each other and the simple joys of playing outdoors.

Why is it so important to play outdoors?

Direct experiences with nature are integral to a child’s developing sense of the world around her. Learning through action, creative play and stimulation of all the senses grows healthier, more focused, more empathetic and confident children.


Social & emotional benefits

  • Cooperation

  • Flexibility

  • Stress reduction

  • Reduced aggression

Cognitive benefits

  • Creativity

  • Problem-solving

  • Focus

  • Self-discipline


It is important to expose children to nature and encourage and role model making time for outdoor recreation. So join us one day this week or each day this week and enjoy some simple activities that you can take home with you to become regular practice.

Come be a part of
this national movement!

Our Schedule of Programs

Activities will take place at Camp Kum-Ba-Yah each day from 4:30-5:30pm, with the exception of Saturday’s activity which is scheduled for 2pm-3pm. Please contact the camp office if you have additional questions after reviewing the frequently asked questions. All TACO events are free of charge.

Leaf Detectives
Monday, September 24  

Ever wonder who leaves behind all kinds of crazy patterns in once perfect green leaves?  Help us solve the mystery of “Whodunit?” We’ll use our scientific tools to find the find the culprits who create those strange shapes and fascinating squiggly lines.

Stories in the Forest
Tuesday, September 25

Circle around the amphitheater to hear stories and meet some of the creatures in our woods! We’ll learn about the different “wee folk” that live in the forests all over the world and build some fairy houses for them here.  

Senses Expedition
Wednesday, September 26

Join us as we tune our senses to explore nature before departing on a scavenger hunt. Children will find items to add to their nature bracelets and use their senses to discover all kinds of new things in the woods.

Family Fishing
Thursday, September 27

One fish, two fish - we’ll take a hike to the pond to see how many fish we can find. Those waiting for a turn can dig for worms!

Wonderful Woods
Friday, September 28

Join us for a hike in the woods (or, for little ones an exploration of Kinderwoods). We’ll ponder what makes a nice shelter by building our own fort, then collect nesting materials for the birds who visit our homes.

Citizen Science Saturday
Saturday, September 29

Come learn how you can contribute to important scientific research. We’ll talk about water habitats and actually do some analysis of the different water environments on CKBY’s property.  Playing in the stream will be included!

**Saturday’s program will run from 2pm - 3pm. All other programs will begin at 4:30pm.


Where do we meet?

You can find us at 4415 Boonsboro Rd. Come one down the long drive and park in the large parking lot just past the Camp Kum-Ba-Yah welcome sign.

What shall we wear/bring?

Bring your enthusiasm to try something new and a mindset to discover. Dress for the weather - rain will turn into rain games - and wear comfortable, closed toed shoes. Bring water and, if you like, bug spray.

What is the target age group?

With an open attitude and a desire for discovery activities can be adapted to suit most ages. Children ages 5-10 will be able to participate and fully engage in the activities, but if you’re children are older or younger do not let that stop you. Younger children are perceptive in ways older children and adults have “outgrown” and older children can provide a deeper level of insight and leadership.

Does an outdoor soccer game “count”?

No, the focus of the experience is the game. This week TACO aims to foster experiences for natural and open ended play - platforms that foster wonder, imagination and inspire curiosity.

How can I do more?

Visit www.takeachildoutside.org to

  • Pledge to take a child outside

  • Find a list of interesting outdoor activities

  • Find a participating organization in your area

  • Record your outdoor experience